New Era of Firmware Dev. Tool

skiiiD is the easiest and the most powerful device firmware development platform ever.


skiiiD is a hardware firmware development tool that has never been seen before. skiiiD can dramatically reduce your development time and resources through features such as hardware libraries, intuitive codes, code automation, and add-ons.



Hardware Libraries

All H/W boards, parts, and others libraries are in skiiiD. Search and check them for convenient development.



Function Libraries

In the past, device F/W development requires millions of code lines with difficult language. skiiiD uses easy and intuitive words for function. It makes development easier to everyone.


Firmware Code


Engineers are exhausted by checking and studying data sheet since it takes a huge amount of time. Try skiiiD! Just search and click hardware parts, skiiiD auto-fills codes.


Add – On


How to figure out if something is wrong during development? codes or hardware parts? skiiiD provides add-ons to solve such inconvenience situation.

In the Maker’s field, Enterpin’s hardware community, you will find a variety of hardware products that can be created using skiiiD. Share your own products and communicate with people at Maker’s Field. You can also get a product preset from others and instantly create the product you want.

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